5 tips to throwing the perfect party

Camden 10th Anniversary 135 (2) Hosting a party or event to wow your clients requires meticulous organisation, so planning is essential: you’ll be selecting a raft of things dates, times, venues, themes, speakers, entertainers and catering. With party season fast approaching what can you do to ensure that you plan the party of the year? Here are some of our top tips; Tap into Talent - Motivate! Everyone likes to get stuck into organising and often there may be someone with a hidden talent or a resourceful contact who can contribute to your planning. This all adds to the feel good factor and helps people bring teams together as well as bringing people’s personal skills into work. Don’t leave it to the last minute - Start planning 3-6 months in advance, especially if you have a large event to deliver. Start by nominating your team ‘Apprentice’ style to share tasks with along the way. What is the focus of your event? Is there a milestone you can help celebrate? What is the core mission of your party? Identify the essence of the event and give it a focal point. For example if a big project just completed how can you share the successes at your event? If you don’t have anything specific how about nominating a charity and organising a fun way to raise money during the event? Choose the right venue – it is essential to get the venue right to reflect the company’s core values, there is no point choosing a corporate conference centre if you are a creative agency! Location is also key to getting people to attend your event and allow people to travel home easily, if the venue is out of town consider a budget for accommodation or negotiate with a linked hotel partner. Make a palatable impression – the way to any guest’s heart is definitely through their stomachs.  Get the food and drink right and you will be the talk of the town for days! Not forgetting the influence of social media. Your guests will be tweeting and instagraming all night long and if the event is looking great from all angles you are onto a winner. As a final sense check you need to make sure that you consider the following point as well;
  • Make sure your event sounds fun and interesting enough to get people to actually turn up.  You need a good hook on your invite to tear people away from their desks!
  • Invest in a good photographer - good photos are great for mailing out in a summary of the event (look how much fun we  all had); the press love them and they bring newsletters and exhibition stands to life.
  • The day before - walk through the event from beginning to end in your mind.  Are you prepared for rain, storing briefcases, vegetarians, accidents, are AV technicians on hand?
This website is also a great place to check you have all the details broken down on checklists so you don’t forget anything http://www.keynoteresource.com/bookspeaker.html: If you need any help with parties or launches for 2014 contact us for a chat!
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