What is PR in 2014?



I joined the world of PR at a time when achieving a piece of coverage on the internet was totally disregarded by clients, it simply counted for nothing in comparison with a cherished slot in a printed glossy magazine.  I will always remember the puzzled look on a former client’s face when suggesting Facebook as a new channel to engage with prospective customers for his new business.

Facebook? My teenage daughter uses that!

On the cusp of 2014, we can no longer ignore online or social media. It is built into almost everything we do and now especially what we do with marketing!

PR is an essential skill when coupled with the power of effective online marketing and social media is now invaluable for brands.

Here is our pick of what your PR efforts in 2014 should be doing for you to stay on top of your game:

1.      Social is still king! - Let your fans spread the word – there is no one better to help you promote your product than the people who already love you! You just need an imaginative way to tap into those top influencers. 2.      Be useful and interesting – We live in a world of sharing but attention spans are decreasing and data is overflowing. People share news and information faster so the more resourceful you are as a brand, the more you will please them and keep them! 3.      Plan content for the long term – Yes online #hashtags do trend, so there is only so much planning you can do. But if you have a content strategy (that's in tune with the overall marketing plan) in place you’re onto a winner. Balance curated content with universal ideas and choose channels wisely. 4.      Don’t forget pictures – Mobile and video will both continue to grow in 2014 and the use of smart phones and tablets is rising. Be more engaging! Share amongst channels such as Instagram and Vines - YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the net after Google.

Online news portals and influential blogs are spreading faster than you can say "hashtag" -  so PR in 2014 has to be more about driving and maintaining the right conversations with the key audiences. News is increasingly broken over Twitter and as The Guardian reported, 10% of their newspaper's traffic now comes from social media!

A client once asked "Why do I need to be on Twitter if my clients do not use it?”. The answer is simply that your customers may not directly be using Twitter but the chances are they are talking about you over it...

No presence online equals no voice online, no voice online, means no brand protection and no reputation management. This is a classic example of how a brand’s reputation could be in jeopardy in a click of a button.

The job of ‘good’ PR for 2014 is not just to keep the flow of positive news stories going out but to help support and manage these online communities and conversations. This includes advising on effective and responsive strategies should any negative conversations erupt.

If you want an open conversation with us about what you might need to do in 2014 to raise awareness of your brand online - just Tweet us at @adhocpr. Or if you prefer the good old fashioned route, feel free to give us a call!

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